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We are MUU, a software and business development house, and we are as passionate about what we do as you are excited about bringing your new idea to life in no time.

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Angular is a platform for building mobile and desktop web applications. It has a big community of millions of developers who choose Angular to build compelling user interfaces.

Node.js thrives in building real-time applications, Internet of Things, and micro services. It’s gaining traction faster than any other technology and ranks in the top most-in-demand developer skills.

Laravel has become the most popular PHP framework. It can handle complex web applications securely, at a considerably faster pace than other frameworks.

Is that all we have got?

Of course not! Our goal is and always will be to offer the most relevant solutions and technology stack depending on our clients' needs. We are able to provide high profile enterprise software, marketplaces, content management systems, mobile apps, highly available applications but also simple landing pages.

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MVP Development

We are startupers ourselves, we’ve been through business accelerators, we have developed our ideas from scratch, fundraised, pursued the KPIs along the way — we’ve been through all stages.

We know what’s important and we can help you convert your dreams into digital realities.

What we do: Software Development, Business Development, Prototyping, Design, Mobile Apps

We have worked closely on rebranding of past century companies listed on Stock Exchange Market to digitalise their offer and bring their old stack to meet modern industry standards while serving thousands of their online customers.

Expanding or Rebranding

Case #1

For one of our clients we have designed and developed a new website for their digital marketing agency. The main focus was to create a readable and modern website with cool animations.

Live Preview

Case #2

JaRock is a community of content creators watched by thousands of people in the same moment. We have created a scalable SPA (Laravel & Angular) to serve their viewers.

Coming Soon

Case #3

Weddy is a highly available Node.js application with social network features allowing couples and vendors to engage in a wedding market. This is a complicated "to-do-list", market and a social network all in one for couples to be able to plan everything in just one place. We've done both the design and app (Angular & Node.js backend based on microservices, Ionic mobile app).

Not launched yet

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Startups / MVPs

Developing MVP or still shaping your product? Get in touch with Maciej directly or book a meeting to turn your idea into digital reality.

Maciej Krupowies

CEO / Business Development

+48 690 168 359


Corporate Solutions

Have a clear vision on your product or in a need of complex solutions? Get in touch with Sara or book a meeting directly.

Sara Leszczyńska

Business Development

+48 22 208 52 42


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